Currently, I am working on the following projects:

-Non-participants' support for protest violenceDraw upon contributions from psychology and sociology, we hold that non-participants may support protesters’ violence against the police as a function of people’s perceptions of the restrictions imposed by authorities (the government and the police) and the legitimacy public opinion gives to protests. 

Main collaborator: Professor John Drury.


Social-psychological analysis of the cycle of protests and radicalisation in Chile: This project seeks to explore the impact of the political context in the radicalisation and the escalation of protest violence in Chile from a psychological perspective. In particular, we are looking at those actions carried out by authorities, protesters, and counter-protesters in events that public opinion might have considered as tipping points for conflict exacerbation during Chile protests of October-November 2019. In addition, we analyse whether radical actions might (or not) have undermined public opinion support for the movement and made people feel that collective action posed a threat to public order.  

Main collaborators: Prof Roberto González, Prof Nicolás Somma, Prof John Drury, Prof Steve Reicher.

Research assistants: Micaela Varela, Millaray Nuñez.

-Explaining 'panic-buying' in the context of COVID-19 pandemic: Our main aim is to clarify the role of trust in authorities, social norms, and perceptions of risk on people's willingness to stockpiling essential items and cleaning products during the global pandemic.

Main collaborators: Dr Evangelos Ntontis, Dr Sara Vestergren, Dr Chris Cocking, & Professor John Drury.

-Postgraduate students' wellbeing: We are seeking to explore the impact of the support provided by supervisors and colleagues on the promotion of students’ work-related wellbeing (i.e., prevention of burnout and engagement with the Master/ PhD program). To date, we have conducted studies in the UK and Germany.

Main collaborators: Dr Evangelos Ntontis, Dr Arabella Kyprianides, & Dr Bjarne Schmalbach.