Dr Patricio Saavedra Morales

Main line of research


My research focuses on how perceptions of the political context can predict non-participants' support for protest violence against the police.  In particular, I am interested in exploring people's evaluations of authorities' measures regarding protests and their impact on non-participants' support for protest violence against the police. My research also sheds light on how people may hold contradictory ideas about the legitimacy of protest violence, the role of media coverage of protests, and non-participants' solidarity with those who have to face repressive measures in the streets. To address these topics, I have conducted survey-based studies, experiments, and interviews in the UK, Chile, and Germany.

Other research interests: 

- Explore the role of psychological and organisational factors on university students’ well-being. I am also interested in looking at the impact of the support provided by academic staff and colleagues on students’ experience.

- Analyse people's perceptions of authorities' response to disasters and their effect on collective behaviour.

Education: I earned my bachelor's degree at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Then, I studied in the UK and completed my PhD at the University of Sussex. There, I was supervised by Professor John Drury

Current position: Assistant Professor, Institute of Social Sciences, University of O'Higgins.

Email: patricio.saavedra@uoh.cl